Lumistar | Prologue | Page 35 - 36 | Those spaceship blueprints are gonna be important for when you build your spaceship.

Page 35

You fondly regard your Spaceship Schematics before overcrowding your storage compartment. You drafted this a few years ago back when you thought you could actually make one.

Now that you're older you realize how childish that idea was. Despite it being your favorite pass-time, you were always better at disassembling tech than assembling it. You're much better than back then, but building an entire space ship is still just an unreachable dream.

Page 36

Alright, that about does it for the Graveyard. No signs of C^3 yet. Dang. The dude sure knows how to hide.

You still have two places you could check, the Park or the Warget.

What do you do?

Go to the park!!!