Lumistar | Prologue | Page 44 - 45 | Interrogate, wheres my fucking cat you goons?

Judy vs. Maya & Brian

Conversation Start!

Judy: Oh fuck, busted! Sorry, couldn't help myself. :P
Maya: So I've gathered. I saw you from a mile away; a speeding ambulance would have been more subtle.
Maya: That being said, I should not be seeing you.
Maya: Not to mom you but. Judy. It is not even 2 P.M.
Judy: Well-
Judy: Doubly busted I guess!
Judy: Sigh. I was just so worried! I can't find Cam anywhere, I didn't get any sleep at all!
Judy: I know it's only been two days, but he always comes back!! Always!!
Judy: Yeah I kinda bailed after third period so what? It's just one class I'm pursuing an important cause here! What if he got stucks somewhere high or gotten stolen by a large bird to be fed to its young what if he got snatched by aliens then thrown out because they didn't know how to take care of an Earthian feline wwhat if-whhaa
Maya: Judy. Ju- Goddamnit please stop freaking out you'll find your cat I'm sure.
Brian: Cat's make good pets. Tell me about other animals.
Judy: I've looked everywhere, Maya! Everyone ghosts me even my own cat..TTATT
Maya: No. What? Okay, what if I made you a new cat? I'll even paint him orange and give him sleek eyewear just for you. It will be perfect.
Judy: No!! Don't do that!! That's messed up! How would you feel if Brian was suddenly replaced by a tin can!
Maya: …
Judy: Besides, even if I wanted to get a second cat, I would still refuse.
Maya: Thats...unfortunate.
Judy: Sorry, I just want to make something of my own for once. I wanna figure it out on my own and build something from scratch. It's nice having you help me and all..but it's not really much fun having it all done for you.
Maya: That's fine. My offer still stands if you change your mind.
Judy. Thanks! Say..Shouldn't both you and Brian be in school now too?
Brian: That's not what you said the other day.
Maya: Homeschooling. Judy, focus.
Judy: Darn. How come it's always me that gets busted all the time?
Maya: Because you break things, get into trouble, and are the loudest human being I personally know. Those three things kind of turn you into a walking siren that just begs for trouble and bad luck.
Judy: Okay, that's kind of mean. I don't get into that much trouble..
Maya: …
Judy: Oh come on!
Maya: Right..
Judy: Its unfair how you're so young, yet you bully me like this. ):
Maya: Age has never meant anything ever.
Maya: Alright If you want to find your cat you better do it fast or it will get dark soon and you won't be able to find anything at all.
Judy: Oh you're right! You really didn't see anything?
Maya: No. I apologize. I will let you know if I do.
Judy: I'll go look some more!
Maya: Good luck!.......< 3
Brian: I's a nice autumn day.
Judy: < 3

Page 45

Your best pal and eccentric boyfriend do not seem to to be privy to your beloved pet's location. It's truly a shame. You guess you have to go back to your quest. Soon. Something will budge. You can feel it.

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